About Rosehip

Rosehip Company® was established in 2008 and has since then flourished into a unique and attractive brand.
We focus on design and production of functional, stylish and playful products for babies, young children and their parents. In this sustainability and an ecological production process are our priority.
In producing our own designs we are continually in search of sustainable stylisch products for babies and little children to add to our collection. On condition that these products fit the Rosehip philosophy.
Quality, gaiety and safety for our children, that 's what we are aiming at!
And we have great fun doing this!

Rosehip Company® values

Rosehip Company® is build on four basic values, the company foundation.

For Rosehip Company® being sincere means that in everything we do we stand honestly and sincerely behind our choices. We strive to make the world a little better and more playful place for children and that is why we sell fair and sustainable products.

For Rosehip Company® everyone is unique! This means that we try to do everything we do with personal care and attention. Not only in the things we make but also in every contact with our customers, suppliers and other partners.

Quality and sustainability are key for Rosehip Company®. Therefore we believe in partnership. With the best partnerships we are able to realize our key objectives. We continuously search for people and organizations that can enrich us and the world around us. But also the other way around, we search for partnerships that enable us to enrich others.

Rosehip Company® is always in search of creative new products, solutions and challenges.
But we keep being critical. ‘Own’ means that everything we do and make has a distinguishable Rosehip Company® style.

The Rosehip Team

Rosehip Company