Fair & organic

Children are the future

For Rosehip Company ®, it is therefore obvious that we work in a sustainable and responsible way. 
This way we try to contribute in making the world a beautiful place for our children. 

GOTS & Control Union

Rosehip and GOTSThe production, processing and dyeing of our cotton follow strict uniform standards that are verified by GOTS and Control Union. All our products carry the GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standards) certificate, the Organic and the Organic Exchange 100 Exchanged Blended certificate.
So we can truly guarantee the use of sustainable and fair materials.

Organic cotton

All our fabric products are made of 100% organic cotton. This means that the cotton used grows naturally, without pesticides and chemicals. A good thing, as pesticides and chemicals wreak serious havoc on soil, water, and air and can often cause skin diseases and allergies.

Water-based colours and dyes

All of our 100% organic cotton products are also free of irritating or damaging colours and dyes. We use special waterbased dyes, containing no toxic heavy metals and formaldehyde.

Besides the fact that we use 100% organic materials we ensure also that our fabrics are dyed in an environmentally friendly way.
We do this by special water-based paint without heavy metals and formaldehyde.

Biodegradable Poly bags

Products sent to consumers by post are sent in so called biodegradable poly bags. These envelopes are made from Oxi Biodegradable polythene and are environmentally friendly and 100% recyclable.